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The idea was to tell people that to commute in an environmentally friendly way is also saving money.

The name of the campaign is 'Heen-en-weer-week' (wich means back-and-forth-week). We had in this edition 4 important actions: ik kyoto (I kyoto) started 4th of May, commuters registered their sustainable kilometres online and can calculate how much CO2 they save (420 companies participated). A weeklong campaign in May 2007, 2008 and 2009 was organised to promote sustainable commuting to work, and to encourage companies and organisations, to take measures to promote sustainable mobility.

140.000 workers were informed of the campaign and ten percent registered their environmentally friendly kilometres. Druk druk druk (Project name): located in 15 different places 5.000 cycling commuters rewarded. Dreamcalculator (Project name): 15.000 people calculated their financial profit, 20 percent of the 15.000 people admitted that they have changed their commuting habits.


Komimo vzw
Vlaamse overheid/Flemish government
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Public transport organisations
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