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MUGI The smart card ticketing service


The Territorial Transport Authority of Gipuzkoa ( ATTG), formed by Basque Country gobernment, Gipuzkoa regional council gobernment, and nine municipalities over the region, has deal an ambitious project in the last two years looking for a territorial sustainable transport policy, implementing a common faring system for all the region, for all the sustainable transport modes.


  • Fare Integration (multioperator)
  • Social Responsible Fare
  • Region Integration (nearby areas, 2 countries included)
  • Service Integration (bus, train, carsharing, bicycle, parking)
  • Drop on-drop off


Gipuzkoa inhabitants have a common, easy and social responsible faring system, thanks to its personal and intransferible MUGI smart card, which enables the more you travel the cheaper you pay the trip. The MUGI Smart card also offers discounts for youngsters, elders, social and disabled profile citizens, always rated depending on their annual incomes. Same faring for all modes and for all the MUGI smart card owners of Gipuzkoa region inhabitants. 60% of the region have already their MUGI personal smart card.


  • www.mugi.eus
  • www.atgipuzkoa.eus


The MUGI project process began in 4th of March 2013 with a progressive transition, integrating a first group of operators, as Lurraldebus ( medium distance bus), Dbus ( urban bus), Euskotren ( intercity railway), RENFE ( national railway), and other 5 urban bus services. Once the hearth of MUGI system was getting stronger, ATTG has been implementing other sustainable transport services to the system, in different grades, approaching municipal electrical bike renting service, carsharing service, bicycle parking service and others.
Nowadays, branches are growing, since MUGI smart card has arrived nearby regions, as Biscay, Alava, Pamplona and France, and it´s beginning with the first pilot project to interoperate with those region´s own smart cards.

Reference: Finalist in the Transport Ticketing Awards 2015 (“Best smart card ticketing service”).


Territorial Transport Authority of Gipuzkoa
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