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ProjectA15 Testriders


The objective of ProjectA15 Testriders is to stimulate electric driving and carsharing along the highway A15. This covers the area between the two cities Rotterdam and Nijmegen.
35 local entrepreneurs will each drive a 100% electric Nissan LEAF and have the goal to share the car as much as possible with their own network; friends, colleagues but also complete strangers. We call the entrepeneurs ‘Testrijders’ (translation: ‘Testriders’).

Last year we had the objective to let 2.400 people experience the pleasure of driving an electric car.


There are 35 Testriders in this project who drive an 100% electric car for one year minimum and share it with as much people. They can win prizes and media-attention during the project. The participants are companies, citizens, municipalities, provinces and residents' groups. They have one thing in common: they love to share their electric car with friends, colleagues, neighbours but also complete strangers. We collaborate with the car sharing platform SnappCar, so the participants don't have to worry about insurances or damage. The participants pay a lease-fee per month which is relatively low in comparison to other electric cars. They try to earn this back by renting their car.


We surpassed our goal by having a total of 4.000 share moments. From March we entered the second year of the project and our objective is to have more than 4.000 sharing moments with the 35 electric cars.


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