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Active Travel to School and Healthy City

Active Travel to School and Healthy City
Luka Vidic


The programme addresses health problems of children and adults that stem from sedentary lifestyle and can be prevented and mitigated by walking. With the activity 1 and 2 it directly contributes to better social and physical conditions for children to walk or bike to school as well as for other groups of residents to walk more in their local surroundings.

The programme also tackles the issue of children who wish to walk to school and their overprotective parents who are not aware of the physical and social benefits of active mobility. The programme is engaging them both in organisation of active travel to school, involving children in school routes planning and encouraging them to report about their observations and opinions. This enables us to break the silo and empower children to travel by their choice.


The programme promotes health benefits of walking with a set of activities targeting primary schools, pupils, parents, local communities and spatial planners. All actors are involved in the processes that enable daily walking to school, development of local walkability plans and in education on healthy urban environment planning. All actions share the ambition to encourage active mobility, to demonstrate the health benefits of walking and to gather local actors around the idea of new mobility practice and plans.
The programme works in three main activities:
Activity 1: supporting schools and municipalities in facilitating escorted active travel to school for younger pupils, Walking Bus and Bicycle Train.
Activity 2: promoting the concept of a healthy city by drawing up 3 local walkability plans for three municipalities through a participatory process with the emphasis on accessibility for all (including the disabled, elderly and children).


Activity 1 have been carried out by a great number of schools throughout Slovenia. Since 2016 more than 115 primary schools have at least once organized Walking Bus and/or Bicycle Train. Despite epidemic of COVID-19, in autumn 2020, 69 schools carried out the activities (14 of them for the first time) mostly for one or two weeks, 8 of these schools planned to continue throughout the year every day or once a week. We expect the trend will continue to grow, more schools will join the programme and chose to run the activities for longer periods of time.
Activity 2: three local walkability plans are expected to be prepared with three different municipalities until 2022. One of them has already been completed, one is the second phase of the process, the third municipality will be invited with the call later in 2021.
Activity 3: The first seminar will be organised in autumn 2021, parts of the programme and invited speakers are set. The seminars will cover the importance of walkability


IPop - Institute for Spatial Policies
Frau Maja Simoneti
Trzaska 2, 1000 Trzaska

https://www.aktivnovsolo.si/; https://www.facebook.com/aktivnovsolo


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