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Cargohopper is a concept which involves the reduction of freight traffic in inner cities in combination with reducing CO2 emissions and cutting noise exposure. In close cooperation with the local government both the city and the company benefit. The city council authorises special permits and the private company invests.


Cargohopper is an electric powered vehicle with a total length of 16 meters, using mainly solar energy. It is especially developed in order to reduce the problems concerning the traffic in the inner city. Because of a special hub all the shipments can be forwarded to the inner city in one truck and from there the goods are distributed. On its way out of the city, the Cargohopper is loaded with different kind of waste, carton, empty boxes and so on, which means it is never driving without cargo.


Due to that fact that one Cargohopper can deliver the freight of six normal trucks, each year 100.000 kilometers can be saved, which means 30 tons of CO2-emissions are reduced. Cargohopper was introduced one year ago and after only three month the project started to make profit, without needing any public money. It is the winner of the Award City Distribution in the Netherlands. As it is a very successful project, Cargohoppers will be introduced in Amsterdam this year and soon other cities will follow.


Hoek b.v.


City of Utrecht
Mark Degenkamp

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