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Energie Burgenland CarSharing


Our project aimes to provide inexpensive, environmentally safe and easy-to-use mobility to all participating towns and their citizens in Burgenland. The idea is to use rather than own a car. And since our company provides electricity from 100% certified renewable sources, we offer carsharing exclusively of electrically powered vehicles. The goal is to keep the price as low and the process as simple as possible in order to increase acceptance.
Ideally, this will empower a large group of people who either can't or won't invest in their own car: senior citizens, families without a second car, beginning drivers without yet their own car, ecologically aware citizens who require mobility yet don't want to contribute to polluting the environment further.


We are launching an offer to all towns in Burgenland which will give them the possibility to provide car sharing to all their citizens in an easy and uncomplicated way. In our fleet we are only including 100% electric vehicles, powered by electricity from renewable energy sources.
Participating towns erect a charging station (subsidized by the state) at a well frequented public spot. Energy Burgenland supplies an electric vehicle, administers the reservation and billing processes, maintains the car, provides support and issues periodic reports. Every citizen with a valid driver's license can register to use the car at an hourly rate of 3,60 EUR.
The goal is to:
1) Increase mobility in rural areas and for citizens with otherwise limited access to personal vehicles.
2) Increase the density of charging stations for all electric vehicles .
3) Further the acceptance of e-mobility by making it available to the general public.
4) Benefit the environment.


There will be eight towns participating in the trial phase, directly reaching a total of 30.000 citizens. Per year, we expect to save 12.000 kg of CO2 emissions and an unspecified amount of nitrous oxide, sulphur and dust emissions. With each participating town, the charging infrastructure available to the general public increases.
Already, the town administrations have started to use these electric vehicles for their own purposes, thereby maximizing their utilization and contributing to the positive effect by setting an example. To further this, the town administration can use the car for their own purposes 15 hours per month for free.
Our project has attracted considerable media interest. So far, several TV reports and newspaper articles have been published. We were present at several dedicated mobility events and spread the idea of e-mobility and CarSharing. We have received positive feedback from citizens using the system.


Energie Burgenland AG
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