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International Cycling Community of Practice

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The International Cycling Community of Practice tackles various problems and challenges related to planning and implementing cycling policy and infrastructure in municipalities. Some of these challenges include:

Lack of Political Support: One of the main challenges faced by municipal civil servants is the lack of political support for cycling policies and infrastructure. The Community of Practice can provide tools and resources to help civil servants engage with political leaders and build support for cycling initiatives.

Limited Resources: Many municipalities have limited resources to invest in cycling infrastructure. The Community of Practice can provide guidance on how to prioritize investments and make the most of limited resources.

Lack of Coordination: Cycling infrastructure often requires coordination between multiple departments, such as transportation, urban design, and public works. The Community of Practice can help civil servants navigate these challenges and build cross-departmental collaboration.

Safety Concerns: Safety is a major concern for cyclists, particularly in urban areas with heavy traffic. The Community of Practice can provide guidance on designing safe cycling infrastructure and educating motorists and cyclists on sharing the road safely.

Limited Public Awareness: Many people are not aware of the benefits of cycling or the infrastructure that is available to them. The Community of Practice can help municipalities develop public awareness campaigns and education programs to encourage more people to cycle.

Overall, the International Cycling Community of Practice helps municipal civil servants address these and other challenges related to promoting cycling as a sustainable and healthy mode of transportation.


Partners in the brilliant project Civitas Handshake, have the honor to present to you one of the most inspiring results of their work: the ‘International Cycling Community of Practice’. (ICCoP).
The ‘International Cycling Community of Practice’ is hosted by the Dutch foundation Velo.Info and consists of:
• A self-assessment tool for cities to measure their cycling policy
• A private space for mentors and mentees in cities to interact
• A thematic database to find knowledge and expertise
• Supporters and sponsors who partner with the ICCoP
This is an invitation to municipal cycling planners to participate and connect to their peers as well as to supporters and sponsors to connect and participate in this ambitious endeavor.


The project has yet to start and we are working with the EU Boosterproject to bring the project to the market.
Early indicator: • August 2023: cities, networks and experts onboarded.
KPIs: 50 cities, 4 networks.


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