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Klimaticket Ö


Fare allocation in public transport: rail transportation in Austria generates 7 billion EUR every year. This sector is expecting to generate massive CO2 emission reductions, which will need more public funding to develop. By enabling them to get better insights, the funding will be better allocated and save a lot of money from the taxpayer. Decrease in people willing to answer transportation surveys. Measure the modal shift: percentage of trips that were previously done with a car that are now done by train.


As being part of the Klimaticket project, the BMK contracted our company and two market research institutes (infas and Triconsult) to conduct surveys to understand how ticket holders move within Austria and automate the way the ticketing revenues are distributed between transport operators. MotionTag is responsible for proving the app which understand what transport mode and operators was used, and when.


Reported first fare allocation key to the ministry for 2021, which also included initial reports on measuring modal shift. The modal shift represents the number of trips or km that were transferred to public transport due to the Klimaticket.


MotionTag GmbH


infas: project partner

Triconsult: project partner

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