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Meek - Self Steering Taxi Concept


'A lot of companies are working on self steering vehicles but it seems they forgot the passenger who gets driven.'

Meek is a self steering TAXI concept for up to four passengers developed for an urban environment in the year 2022.

The technology will minimize traffic jams, prevent accidents and transport the passenger comfortable and relaxed to his destination. People can save money and use the transportation system more efficient by sharing their ride.



New planned and built cities will have nearly perfect traffic routing, park and ride offerings, better organised urban districts and urban centers, as well as an optimal balance between life and work situations in a daily life routine available when it comes to the use of an individual vehicle.

But there is no doubt that neither the necessary resources nor the financial means are available to change old cities in the dimensions of Paris, New York, London or Tokyo concerning their infrastructural problems.

Individual transport will endure, due to the fact that the public transport is not an alternative for every person who is living in the city center.



We intend to create a product which solves the problems of the existing system, but subsists in coexistence with all the different system components and removes them in the course of time. Our focus lies on european, north america and asian cities where today most of the resources are wasted although those countries do have an exemplary function because of their social and technological progress.

A change of thinking is inevitable.


Fh-Joanneum Graz - Industrial Design


FH-Joanneum / Magna Steyr / Achim Storz

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