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Testrijders Team Trial: You can ride my electric car


The project ‘Testrijders Team Trial’ aims to stimulate the use of electric cars and car-sharing in the city of Rotterdam. This combination is the red-line throughout the project which has a duration of one year. Ten local entrepreneurs will each drive a 100% electric Nissan LEAF and have the goal to share the car as much as possible with their own network; friends, colleagues but also complete strangers. We call the entrepeneurs ‘Testrijders’ (translation: ‘Testriders’). Each of the ten Testrijders will create their own community of ‘users’ with whom they can interact through an interactive website. People can share their experience on this site with a photo, a note and they can link with their own Twitter- and Facebookaccount.


The project is one on one related to clean air and sustainable mobility. We stimulate people to change their behaviour from owning a fossil fueled car towards sharing an electric car in the urban area. We created 4 different trials to encourage the Testrijders to share their car as much as possible. Who has the most rent transaction in three months, or who has the most ludacris idea to encourage people to share their electric car?


The project will make a large group of people acquainted with carsharing and electric mobility. Estimation is that the ten Testrijders will share their car approximately 10 times a month x12 = 1200 carsharing experiences. A far larger crowd will learn from their experiences through the interactive website, social media and widespread press coverage (estimation >200.000). This group is influenced and encouraged to use a carsharing program, or the use of electric mobility.

Furthermore, the project will yield important information about car sharing and electric mobility in urban areas which we can use to implement in other projects and programs.


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