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TRACY Transport Needs for an Ageing Society


TRACY is funded by the EC FP7 The project’s main aim is to develop an action plan that can help tackle the challenges of providing transport in an ageing society. Addressing the needs of older people in the development of future transport in Europe is becoming increasingly important, but there are no systematic studies providing a detailed review of what has been, and is being, done in this area. In TRACY we undertake a comprehensive study of current activity, identify research gaps and analyse the current state of provision within the EU and beyond. Our conclusions will contribute towards the development of an action plan.


TRACY is comprised of several Work Packages, in which we: determine the ‘state of the art’ by providing a comprehensive overview of information about policies and practice designed to address the transport needs of an ageing society. The review will pay particular attention of issues of sustainability and will be structured around the following themes:Technical issues: safety, infrastructure needs and transport systems;Human factors: gender, special needs and human-machine-interfaces; Diversity: cultural / welfare / political / geographical / regional differences Alternative approaches: accessibility, virtual mobility, mobile services, etc. ;


TRACY Homepage, WP2 report, first summary paper, WP3 report, second summary paper, final report, third smmary paper, 2 international conferences in brussels


Institut Verkehr und Raum der Fachhochschule Erfurt


Prof. Jon Shaw Plymouth University

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