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Cargo Conversion Kit


The starting point was the current cargo bike market. They are built for very large loads and extreme situations. Our product is suitable for 99% of the trips that are made on the overbuilt cargo bikes, but offers a more convenient storage, a better price and the ability to still use their standard bike when they are not carrying a load.


My project turns an existing bike into a cargo bike. Upon installation of the kit, the bike may be converted from standard to cargo or cargo to standard in under 1 minute. The product is built to carry little people, dogs and stuff.


We held a successful Kickstarter in 2016 raising over $100,000 US. We have distributors in 3 continents that desire to bring the Cargo Conversion Kit to their customers.

We hope to make cargo bikes a common vehicle all over the world. We would like to see it used to transport children, food, water, medicine, supplies and anything else imaginable under 70kg. Ideally, we hope that it makes life easier, better and more connected.


Utility Cycles, LLC



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