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City Transformer LTD

City Transformer LTD
MaaS-038 2023 Alessandro Citterio


The ultimate challenge is to reshape the future of urban mobility and reclaim large areas of public spaces back to the people. Based on multiple research and observations over the years in megacities in Europe and North America, it turns out that 85% of the cars that are commuting daily in and out of cities are carrying only a single person. The growing population in cities and around them brings in more and more cars each year. Those cars are consuming more roads, more lanes, and more parking spots. People are pushed out; green areas are shrinking, and fewer and fewer people are enjoying a real community life. By leading the “missing link” between full-size cars to micro-mobility measures, City Transformer will help to reclaim those public spaces back to people while providing a private safe, and comfortable mobility solution with a tiny environmental and physical footprint.


City Transformer develops the world’s first all-electric mobility solution that intelligently transforms its width from 1.4 meters on open roads where the vehicle can speed up to 90 km/h, to 1 meter in congested areas where the vehicle can outsmart the traffic and parks easily in any narrow space. Designed by city people around what city people truly need, City Transformer combined the best of two worlds – this of a motorcycle and this of a car. City Transformer was voted one of the Top 10 cars of IAA Mobility 2021 by Forbes magazine and named one of the best inventions of 2020 by Time magazine. The company won several important awards around the globe such as the “Core77 design award 2022”, “ABC Best of the Best 2022”, “German innovation award 2022 Gold”, “German design award 2023 Gold”, first place at the Shift mobility competition “Mind Shifter” (part of IFA exhibition). City Transformer vehicles are engineered for superior city riding experiences without compromise, with superior maneuvering capabilities, outstanding parking properties, the exceptionally low total cost of ownership, and 75% space and weight savings. City Transformer is built on top of a patented high share & autonomous ready modular platform that provides outstanding freedom of cabin design for multiple bespoke applications & flexible engagement models.


In August 2021 City Transformer introduced CT-1, the 7th generation prototype, which for the first time was fully homologated in Germany and the rest of Europe. After almost two years of tests and learning, City Transformer is moving ahead to its next milestone, which is to develop the serial product CT-2 and start serial production and delivery no later than the beginning of 2025. This timeline goes in line with the plan of the EU to reach mobility zero emission by 2030 and with the plan of some governments and municipalities to remove full-size cars from inner cities. Another future outcome is a fleet of collaborative life-saving vehicles manufactured by City Transformer presents an innovative and groundbreaking operating concept for life-saving services in major cities. This is also one of the many social benefits and a very important one, in addition to the environmental change we are pushing to achieve for a better planet and an urban impact which is critical nowadays.


City Transformer LTD


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