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TROLLEY - Promoting Public Transport


TROLLEY is an international project with 9 partners from Western and Central Europe funded by the European Commission (Central Europe). The lead partner is Salzburg AG for Energy, Transport and Telecommunication. The public transport operators of Salzburg, Eberswalde, Parma, Leipzig, Szeged, the cities of Brno and Gdynia, as well as the Trolleymotion action group and the University of Gdansk promote electric public transport in Central Europe.

They are convinced that electricity-based public transport is the cleanest and most efficient urban mobility solution today, and that trolleybuses constitute the best ready-to-use technology to face major mobility challenges in Central Europe.


The project TROLLEY will:

1) deliver transferable strategies for implementation of trolleybus systems

2) develop innovative ways of promoting trolleybus systems as environmentally friendly transport mode and thereby

3) “reshape” and update the image of trolleybuses in Central Europe


1) Central European Trolleybus Knowledge Centre
a) Library
b) Pool of experts
2) Europe-wide Trolleybus Image Promotion Campaign
a) 3 Information Packages for Media, Decision Makers and Public
b) Media Kamapagne
c) Trolleybus Promotion Film
4) E-Learning Module
a) Optimising the Use of Energy
b) Increasing the Efficiency of Public Transport
c)Reshaping the Image and Improving the Patronage
6) Transnational Manual on Advanced Energy Storage Part 1and 2
7) Handbook on Diesel Bus to Trolleybus Conversion
8) Reference Guide on Combination of Trolleybus and Tram Systems
9) Trolleybus Intermodality Compendium
10) Industry Summits
11) Feasibility Study on Network Extension to Low Density Urban Areas


Salzburg AG für Energie, Verkehr und Telekommunikation
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