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Bikes for Arusha

Bikes for Arusha
OV-075 2022 https://www.p4p.org/PDF/INGEAR/2021fallInGearInStitch.pdf


Personal transportation. I'm talking about the introduction of the wheel into a
society where everyone basically walks everywhere they go. If you think about
it mankind's greatest invention has not been introduced to millions of people in
the developing world.
You are healthier for riding a bicycle.
You get to where you need to go quicker which gives you more time and time
is the only thing you cannot buy. Workers get to work quicker so they can work


Our mission is to empower sustainable economic development by recycling bicycles and sewing machines from the US and shipping them to motivated people in the developing world. Mobility is key to economic personal success. One of the challenges in the developing world is lack of access bicycles. Bicycles have never been produced in Africa, Eastern Europe or central and South America. Bicycles in these areas are extremely expensive and beyond the reach of the common person.


We have been shipping bikes for a long time. What's a jewel in our crown is
Rivas Nicaragua. It's called the bike city. Over 20 to 25 years we dropped
28,000 bikes into that one town. When I started the average kid completed
fourth grade because there was work on the farm and it was a long walk to
Today the average student in Rivas completes high school because they all
have bicycles and they can ride the bicycle into school go to school ride home


pedals for progress


FIDESMA, San Andres Ixtapa Guatemala, Margarita Caté small-business promotion: 11,220 bikes (1999 – 2022), 357 sewing machines (2003 – 2021)

Association Défi et Révolution de la Vie Rurale: 1,903 bikes (20 - 22), 384 sewing machines (19-22)

Rwanda Wildlife Conservation Association, Kigali

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