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Car sharing VAP: Vehicles and Partners

VAP hopes to increase the car occupancy rate and reduce the number of cars on the roads. VAP motorists who decide to carpool for certain rides will discover the merits of the alternative means of transport.

VAP proposes carpooling to get around town, its surrounding areas, to get a lift to the train station or an underground station or bus stop.
In order to create a network of responsible users: motorists and passengers would register beforehand as members of the association.These members are grouped into a local network; each participating community is invited to register a maximum number of members in order to facilitate the meeting between passengers and motorists and to privilege proximity carpooling. Most routes are short and members of the same community use them. Boarding zones or pick-up zones will be marked by a sign that will clearly identify the pedestrian-motorist meeting point. Two regions (Brussels and Wallonia) and one province (Brabant) have already agreed to support this project financially and to post information onto their websites.

VAP offers easier access to public transport. VAP facilitates access to railway stations, enables those who live faraway to be driven to a subway and allows them to reach certain frequent bus lines much quicker.


VAP - Voitures A Partager
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