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Cycle Rapid Transit

Cycle Rapid Transit
Henrik Gudmundsson


CRT would provide an effective, system-wide alternative to driving by car or two-wheeler. By accommodating bikes, CRT expands the catchment for the bus net-work while also extending the reach of the bicycle. In many cites CRT would alleviate a need for long walks to and from access points for public transport, using only one bike. CRT buses should be electric for best environmental performance. CRT would thereby help provide even more sustainable urban mobility and access while contributing to reduce congestion and CO2 emissions from transportation in urban areas.


Cycle Rapid Transit (CRT) is a new concept for a high-class combination of cycling and bus transport. It can be seen as a Danish-style development of the globally successful Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) concept being reinforced by bringing bikes on board. CRT systems are to be designed for maximum user-friendly, efficient and 'seamless' transport for cyclists from the outset. This includes the design of buses, bus stops, route networks, etc. However, trials can use parts of existing elements and systems.The main target group for CRT is urban and suburban commuters with a ca. 10-40 km daily commute, who do not own or use a car and do not live and work near rail connections. However, many other urban mobility needs may be served by CRT as well.


Better service for bicyle users
Less car traffic
Less need to expand road capacity
Reduces CO2-emissions and other environmental burdens
More livable city


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