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PoMo Portal of Sustainable Mobility

PoMo portals system provides a set of utilities for mobility management.
PoMo’s aim is to plan the mobility at personal or global scale. PoMo helps the implementation and development of mobility plans and provides all available modes of transport between the origin and destination, as journeys from door to door, by combining all possible modes (car, carpool, public transport, walking or cycling). PoMo provides a comparison between all modes that help the users to choose the more sustainable transport mode.

PoMo provides carpool services on routes door to door that enables the driver to pick up more than one person. It is an info-system that would let you know of more users (Carpoolers) close to each other. PoMo also provides many other services, individual applications. PoMo uses the Google-maps’ graphical interface and plans the most efficient routes for each mode of transport through advanced algorithms of calculus.

PoMo’s users are more aware of the possible impact their means of transport can have. PoMo helps the mobility users to give feedback on the conditions of their journeys, since it provides the exact and real values of time of travel, real cost of the trip, CO2 emissions and level of energy consumption for each mode of transportation.


Fundació Mobilitat Sostenible i Segura
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