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SUMOSU -Sustainable Mobility Support Stations


An integrated approach to sustainable mobility and smart grid management with the aim of effectively promoting electric transport networks in the cities and, ultimately, facilitating their connection to the power grid. Unlike many other existing proposals, our plan includes both a strategic whole-system design as well as innovative infrastructure which allow for a bottom-up and step-by-step implementation.


The main goal of the proposal is to provide local authorities with an approach to deal with the most important future challenges of contemporary citie: sustainable mobility and power demands. In order to do so, our plan involves the creation of a local network of income-generation stations which will offer:

  1. A range of green transport support services to the local community: occasional EV charging for private users, e-car rental, battery exchanges for electric buses or taxi fleets; and
  2. A power storage provision to manage locally-produced electricity by net-metering prosumers.



  1. We estimate that 7 stations strategically deployed can reduce traffic congestion and carbon emissions substantially by delivering green mobility services for 2 million people in a city like Vienna.
  2. The system will empower communities since the network will be managed directly by local businesses and will expand on a local-demand basis.
  3. This network will provide the necessary infrastructure for new power aggregators to operate in the electric market, so that they can integrate prosumers and engage in communications with TSOs (Transmission System Operators).
  4. The basic and open nature of this infrastructure will ease replication in other locations and foster technological innovation via free competition in every new station.



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