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Barbagallo X01

Barbagallo X01
Giorgio r g Barbagallo


On the one Cars emit too much CO2 - even electric cars are not the final solution and on the other hand the casual bike is not the most comfortable vehicle.


Electric assisted pedal vehicle with innovative design and driving comfort with the best of todays technology.


We want to contribute with a clean and elegant vehicle to sustainable urban mobility. The barbagallo X01 is a zero emissions vehicle. It is an assisted pedaling vehicle and can also be recharged from the sun. With one euro spent in electricity you can travel about 100 km, even more if you consider the photovoltaic panel as well.


Barbagallo Bikecars Herr Giorgio r g Barbagallo via S. Montarsi 14 95016 Mascali (CT) www.barbagallobikecars.com +39 33 82 89 15 39 info@barbagallobikecars.com


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