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BilRejseplanen - comodal journey planning


By providing better information about travel options the end user can make better choices when it comes to transportation - whether it is different means of transportation, travelling at different times or combining means of transportation in new ways.
This is the background for the service of BilRejseplanen.


The comodal journey planner BilRejseplanen (bil.rejseplanen.dk) makes it possible to compare travel time, environmental impact, price etc. between journeys with public transport, car and / or a combination of the two bases on historic (realistic) travel times calculated from data collected on Danish roads with intervals down to 15 mins to show peak hour traffic.


Between 10 - 20 percent of the users of the service actually change their behavior (means of transportation, travel time etc.) when using the service. The impact is more passengers in public transport, less congestion and less environmental impact.


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