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Happy biking school

Happy Biking School
cykel Jan Beck-Larsen


The challenges we have had were no bikes, no helmets, children who couldn't ride a bike and learning the traffic rules.
We have solve them by getting about 30 bikes at the school, so every student can join in. The school has helmets for everyone whose biking. No one gets to bike without helmet. We have changed our school yard into streets with white lines, so we can teach everyone about the rules and how to ride as a class, driving in line and keeping distance. We start teaching our students from first grade and we start taking them out in traffic in third grade. When the third grade is almost over, they can take trips on about 7-8 km.


We decided to be a "happy biking school" to get our students more integrated in our local society and to teach them about all the different things/possiblities we have just "around the corner". The way almost every child and youth get around in our country is on a bicycle. A lot of our students have learned that because of our projekt, because their family come from other countries where biking hardly excists. The culture in Denmark is very different from theirs and we have found a way to include all of our students in this danish cultural matter.


The outcome and results so far are that we go on a lot of field trips every year. Which is good for the learning, everyone gets to exercise often, all students has taken ownership of our danish custom and culture, using biking as transportation.
Further on we believe that our students will continue to bike because it has been a part of their daily life for a decade. Intergration has succeeded for just about everyone. Biking is a part of their lives and they do as anyone else in this country they bike.


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