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NeueMobility.com (Neue Mobilität im Portugiesenviertel Hamburg)


The App now in its 2nd Phase of development will allow the Participants to pick Objects (Scooter Parking Models that will be developed by different Universities) and put them on the Street instead of Car Parking Places.

These activity will allow the district Management to justify the removal of a Car Parking Spot and also channel the Scooter Parking there (by GeoFencing the rest of the District).


NeueMobility.com is an AR WebAPP for Public Participation in Hyper Local Mobility Questions, how to make changes for a betterment of mobility in the public space.

It is the culmination of multiple Seminars and Courses at the Hafencity University Hamburg (City Planning). A WebAPP that allows Citizens to put their own ideas into the virtual public space (Metaverse) and share and discuss their installations. This tool allows for citizen integration in local municipal decision making.


The first Round of Demonstration of new Ideas for Mobility Changes in the Hamburg Portugiesen district has led to the First ’Real’ Activity within the next 9 month: The eScooters need to be banned from the Sidewalk and put into safe Parking Zones with Installations that also can be used for additional Uses. Charging of the Scooter already creates some additional driving if not done on the Spot where they are Parked, so the Solutions ideally also provide a method for Charging.




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