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NIMBEE - Mobile EV charging as a service

NIMBEE - Mobile EV charging as a service
Pavel Pokorny


Today, two-thirds of the electricity demand for EV charging is private, whether at home or in company parking lots. By 2030, the share of electricity demand from public charging will be close to that of private vehicle charging (estimate by Boston Consulting Group). The feed-in infrastructure for EV charger deployments won’t be able to scale as quickly as EV charging demands require. MARKET ENABLER: with new EV models coming to market, affordable prices and higher range, the charging issue becomes an unsolved problem for a large segment of potential EV owners. CONVENIENCE: current EV owners value their time and convenience but are forced to bear hassle experiences:
-very few fast charging options exist in convenient locations,
-drivers have to specifically look for the charging points, and work their plans around them,
-charging spots are often occupied (61 % of the time inefficiently),
-time efficiency - even fast charging is wasting at least 20 minutes of owner’s time.


We want to provide the Nimbee end-customers with either subscription-based EV charging service that will simply keep their EV charged or on-demand charging that will come to their EV whenever they say. Our goal is to build an open platform for matching EV driver‘s charging needs with independent service providers, equipped with mobile chargers.


We have finished the development of the fundamental first part - the mobile EV charger, which will be released to the public during an event on June 17th. There will be a pilot phase held in Prague in September this year.


Nimble Energy s.r.o.


Audi AG Germany/Czech Republic: Media Partner

Designwerk Technologies AG Switzerland: Technology partner

EIT Urban Mobility Program: Technology partners

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