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Safe Mobility Solutions

Safe Mobility Solutions


Stations are empty as are buses and trains. There is a global debate about the safety of public transport and health concerns at the moment. Not all have access to private transportation and a part of the population is still required to work e.g. healthcare workers. There is a significant lack of trust in this industry at the moment and commuters need guidance and a feeling of security to use public transport again. We wanted to create a solution that optimizes public transport capacity and enables people to feel safe to travel now and in the future. Other challenges addresses are sustainable mobility and mobility justice through public transportation.


Safe Mobility Solutions - A collaborative effort for best practice solutions is a *not-for-profit KNOWLEDGE BASE website* for public transport providers and mobility industry professionals in order to share best practices in coping with COVID-19. Safe Mobility Solutions main features are (a) a searchable knowledge database of best practice solutions across Europe; (b) a collection of ideas from users and other stakeholders; (c) it allows the different solutions and operators to be rated by stakeholders, (d) operators can share and use each other’s ideas.
The platform offers USERS the ability to compare & rate applied or in development solutions, as well as the ability to add their own. The main aim is to share among PROVIDERS (big-to-small and small-to-big), key learnings to make public transport better TOGETHER FOR ALL.
This project was co-created by a European transdisciplinary team during the Hackathon “EUvsVirus” in April 2020. https://devpost.com/software/pt_safe-hef4b0


The concept was developed by a European Team, that collaboratively designed the first mock-up version of the website in the short time of a weekend. The project aims to connect PT companies and user with new solutions for safe mobility. In times of crisis, this knowledge platform will enable PT companies to innovate with other European actors as well as connecting their solutions to user needs. We are supported by Austrian Mobility Networks (the Austrian Mobility Networks: Community Creates Mobility and Network Women in Mobility Hub Vienna) and the Open Innovation Department of the Austrian Railways, who emphasized the importance of exchange for health and safety concerns of PT users and the need for safe solutions for sustainable and just modes of transport.


PT_Safe Team


IHS - Institut für Höhere Studien: Conceptualization and Strategy

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