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Bikes Woes Wien


Create an online platform (a website with an interactive map, optimised for smartphones and eventually also a mobile application) that cyclists use to share their problems with cycling in Vienna. These problems will be shared with the City of Vienna on an on-going basis to help them make cycling even better in the city.


Bike Woes Wien is a website that allows cyclists to contribute their everyday experiences cycling in the city to a map that the city administration can use to prioritise their improvements to the cycling facilities. This project engages citizens, cyclists more specifically, in sharing their experiences and provides the city administration with an inexpensive tool to prioritise their work improving the bicycling infrastructure in Vienna.


An interactive database representing the problem areas in Vienna for cycling. This is a tool to help the city administration to improve the problems experienced by cyclists (e.g. bike path problems, traffic lights/signal problems, conflicts with other mode users, physical obstacles or bike parking problems) to make Vienna an even better city for cycling. In the end, the cyclists feel engaged and empowered and the city administration gains very valuable knowledge to help guide their work.


Mrs. Devon Willis


Alec Hager Radlobby Vienna

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