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An innovative way to get from A to B. Walking at a regular pace and reaching speeds up to 25 km per hour! The Lopifit has been designed to get you up your feet and travel larger distances in less time. Never before has it been so fun to walk and get around easily. The Lopifit supports your natural stand and comes with all the health benefits related to walking.


The electric walking bike is a combination between a kickbike and a treadmill. Because of the battery and electrical engine you can walk on the treadmill and move forward at simular speeds of a bike. The brakes shut down the electrical circuit and shut down the power supply, making the belt stop moving. You can shift between 6 gears so that you can adjust your speed accordingly.


More than 200 million view on social media in 1 year
Sold in 30 countries in one year
14 rental points in The Netherlands
Official shops in 14 countries


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