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Powerbox - E-bike charging network with super-fast implementation

Powerbox - E-bike charging network with super-fast implementation
ENR-042 2022 Jakub Ditirch


As the problem we are currently facing (in addition to the lack of electronic components on the market) is to convince the fututre owners and operators of charging stations that this service is and should be free for e-bike owners in the future. The amount of energy, needed to charge the e-bike, is very negligible compared to the cost of paywall installation and proceeding a micropayment.
Second problem are the limitations, where the capacity of market in Czechia will be soon be exhausted. That is why we took park in VCÖ Mobility Award to help us with dissemination within the regions in Austria and Germany.


Limited battery capacities in most e-bikes restrict their use throughout for the whole day - over 80 km, in mountainous areas over 50 km/day. All e-bikes can only be charged using the external charging device for the Schuko 230V AC socket, which is bulky + heavy, easy to steal, and can only be transported in an external bag. A solution is a "charging station for bikes", which has the AC-DC chargers built-in. Unlike the electric cars, where there was a standard set by the EU for fast (DC) - CCS2 connector and for slow (AC) charging Type 2 connector (known as Mennekes), there is no international standard set for chagrin e-bike battery, and unfortunately it is not in pipeline of Standardisation bodies. The Powerbox project created a solution for charging station setup, which is simple, inexpensive, and easy to set up. Powerbox e-bike wall-box is using a set of exchangeable cables, which are cheap and lightweight and can be used for most bikes on the market.


Fast set-up of charging stations, which is currently taking momentum in the Czechia and Slovakia (in the period of last 24 months more than 350 installations were finished) leads to a huge increase in tourism inmoutaneous regions. But also projects that allow transport on e-bikes within tourist regions and are designed for locals are on the rise. Thanks to accurate measurements in the cloud application, we know exactly how many people and in what period they used the charging station.
Our goal for 2022 is to offer our viable solution for Austrian and German market, so we hope VCÖ Mobility Award will help us to archieve this.




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