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moves MaaS app - the student project


- Traditional forms of mobility such as private cars endanger the environment and also lead to restrictions within cities due to lack of parking space, congestion and air pollution.
- The pure focus on public transport (PT) is outdated. At a time when private sharing services are becoming increasingly popular, the interplay between private mobility and public transport is nevertheless not yet fully developed.
- Users currently have to create a new account for each individual sharing service on the phone. The multitude of different apps and accounts, as well as the mixture of digital and physical tickets, makes multimodal mobility much more difficult.
- Dutch students still use the physical PT ticket , which they have to recharge independently. While more and more functions are being mapped onto the phone, it is annoying when certain features are not integrated. Planning, booking and paying for PT routes, as well as proof of valid ticketing, are neither bundled nor fully digitized.


In Zusammenarbeit mit dem studentischen Start-up Flytz testen 300 niederländische Studierende drei Monate lang die MaaS-App Moves. In der App können die Studierenden nach Routen suchen, diese buchen und mit dem bereitgestellten Mobilitätsbudget bezahlen. Neben den öffentlichen Verkehrsmitteln werden auch private Mobilitätsdienste wie Bikesharing, Carsharing und Roller integriert.

Im Rahmen des Projekts untersuchen Flytz und Moves, wie sich das Nutzungs- und Mobilitätsverhalten der Studierenden verändern. Wenn Studierende die Vorteile von MaaS in jungen Jahren entdecken, tritt ein Lerneffekt ein, bevor sie sich zum ersten Mal an einen Pkw gewöhnen. So wird die Entscheidung, nach dem Schulabschluss einen eigenen Pkw zu kaufen, aufgeschoben oder vermieden. Das Projekt ist eine Kooperation zwischen Moves, Flytz, der Stadt Rotterdam und der Organisation Zuid-Holland Bereikbaar. Nach einem Monat wurden schon mehr als 4.000 Fahrten über die Moves-App gebucht.


The pilot has received much interest from the public; more than 4000 students have signed up for the pilot in less than seven days after launching the sign-up form. As diversity of the participants has been a high priority, Flytz ensured that the selected group was inclusive, that participants had different educational backgrounds and that the provided services were accescible for every region in Rotterdam. Furthermore, the launch of the pilot was picked up many local and national media outlets such as Nu.nl, De Ondernemer, Silicon Canals, Erasmus Magazine and BNR, a radio-station from the Dutch Financial Times. After one month of traveling, more than 4000 itineraries have been booked through the Moves app. Although it is not possible to draw any (scientific) conclusions until the pilot has ended, some participants have stated that they would be willing to postpone the purchase of a private car after their studies if they are able to use a MaaS alternative.


Fluidtime Data Services GmbH


Pon Mobility Services & Retail B.V.: MSP/ Product Owner

Fluidtime Data Services GmbH: Technical MaaS platform and app provider

Flytz: Student Organisation

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